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Power supplies support oil exploration, drilling, evaluation, completion and intervention

Tue, 02/21/2012 - 6:14am
Model BL1500Behlman Electronics has announced that additional orders have been received for their Model BL1500. This brings oil industry-wide global total to over 1600 units.

The BL 1500 is part of a broad line of Behlman power supplies that support oil exploration, drilling, evaluation, completion and intervention.

According to Ron Storm, Behlman’s Vice President of sales and marketing, “The
market may be driven by the escalating cost of fuel, but it is the remarkable achievements of Behlman’s engineers that have driven our BL 1500 to be recognized as the oil industry’s power supply of choice. The number of follow-on orders we receive each year proves the point.”

Behlman’s BL1500 unit is powered from 115 VAC, 47-63 Hz and provides two ranges of high-voltage AC at 60 Hz. Units can be stacked for increased power. Protective circuits include input, short circuit, constant current and thermal protection. BL1500 power supplies have an RS 485 interface that allows the unit to be controlled and monitored remotely from a central station. It operates from 32 to 131 degrees F (0 to 55 degrees C), and has a high-strength 19-inch rack mount chassis 3.5” high x 21.5” deep (48.25 cm wide x 7.874 cm high x 54.61 deep D).

Because Behlman designs and manufactures a very broad line of power products for diverse industrial, commercial and military applications, it can readily help oil industry companies meet their power needs during every phase of operations.

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