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IBC Power Simulation Tool Provides Online Modeling Capability

Wed, 02/01/2012 - 5:21am


Vicor unveiled its IBC Power Simulation tool, presented as the first with online simulation capability to enable power system designers to interactively model the electrical and thermal performance of intermediate bus converters in application-specific operating conditions and thermal environments. Available to users via Vicor’s PowerBench online design center, Vicor’s IBC Power Simulation tool provides greater visibility into key electrical and thermal performance attributes of Intermediate Bus Converters (“IBCs”).

“Vicor’s new IBC Power Simulation tool is designed to put essential information at power engineers’ fingertips to enable them to visualize and solve their real-world power system design challenges,” said Tom Curatolo, Global Director of Applications Engineering, Vicor. “By providing power engineers with the ability to quickly and easily select, simulate and optimize the intermediate stage of an Intermediate Bus Architecture power system, we’re equipping them to accelerate design cycles and achieve competitive advantages afforded by greater efficiency, density and functionality.”

Vicor’s IBC Power Simulation tool – the first of its kind – provides advanced simulation capabilities that enable designers to define and optimize electrical and thermal operating parameters and view the resulting data graphically on screen.   The combination of electrical and thermal simulation capabilities allows designers to account for system interdependencies that affect IBC power capability based upon essential variables including input voltage range, load conditions, ambient temperature and airflow. Variables defining external input and output filter elements can be adjusted to minimize input and output ripple and optimize dynamic performance while minimizing the total footprint allocated to IBCs within dense system boards. 

The online IBC Power Simulation tool reduces time-consuming manual evaluation/bench processes and streamlines design and development cycles. The ability to track changes across simulations with different parametric settings provides comparative insight speeding up design optimization.

Vicor’s IBC Power Simulation tool is available for use today online via the PowerBench online design center in combination with Vicor’s new online DC-DC Solution Selector tool via Vicor’s PowerBench online design center.



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