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Connectors Thrive In Harsh Operating Conditions

Wed, 01/18/2012 - 8:01am
Lapp-EPICULTRAThe Lapp Group has developed a new line of rectangular connector housings designed to thrive in corrosive, electrically noisy or mechanically challenging environments. Called EPIC ULTRA, the new housing features nickel-plated zinc hoods and bases with stainless-steel hardware. Together,these corrosion-resistant materials allow the new housing to survive in applications that that would prove challenging for traditional painted aluminum housings.

EPIC ULTRA features an integrated brush-style cable gland, which provides a fast and easy method to terminate a cable shield with a 360-degree, low resistance contact area. Along with the nickel-plated housing, this forms a conductive shell–or Faraday cage–around the electrical contacts to virtually eliminate electrical interference.

The connector housing’s unique mechanical design improves both sealing and strain relief. EPIC ULTRA’s built-in cable gland not only improves sealing and strain relief but also speeds assembly and eliminates a possible leakage point. Additionally, the lip seal between the top and bottom housing components has been recessed so it is totally enclosed by the housing when mated and latched. This design feature protects the lip seal from mechanical damage and exposure to UV radiation when installed outdoors.

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