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RF Edgeboard Connectors' Bottom Shielding Minimizes RF Leakage

Mon, 12/19/2011 - 10:38am
161VUS504EFTBomar Interconnect Products expanded their line of V-Bite RF edgeboard connectors to include a bottom-shielded female Type N part. Engineered for higher-power applications, the new threaded RF connector (part number 161VUS504EFT) notably features a bottom shield to help eliminate inductance by shielding the open bottom of the connector. Further, as it is engineered to be soldered directly to the PC board's bottom ground layer, the new bottom-shielded Type N V-Bite provides superior manufacturing tolerances to ensure excellent and consistent performance characteristics through 18 GHz. The V-Bite Series comprises Type N, weather-sealed Type N, Type F, threaded through-panel BNC and standard BNC, twin BNC, mini-BNC, and TNC styles. All components in the series provide unparalleled signal integrity as their anti-rotation abilities reinforce the reliability of PCB connections. Designed to snap onto the PCB prior to hand or reflow soldering, the devices are supported from both below and above the board to disperse rotational torque relief, which reduces rotational stress on the solder area. Their low profile (1/2 the parts’ diameter) and small footprint meet many customer application demands for today's high-density designs.

Offered in an impedance of 50 ?, Bomar's new bottom-shielded Type N V-Bite is ideally suited for joining coaxial cables in broad range of high-power RF applications in which a reliable, durable, weatherproof, connector is specified. They are frequently used in such higher-power applications as base stations, cellular antennas, RF and microwave components, SATcom, broadcast, PCS (personal communications services), surge protection, test and measurement instrumentation, microwave radio, WLAN, and radar.

Featuring phosphor bronze/gold contacts, and manufactured of machined brass, the V-Bite Series’ straight-through contact arrangement provides an extremely low reflection factor. Devices are provided with a Teflon dielectric to facilitate reflow soldering. A wide assortment of standard and custom mechanical configurations is offered. For more information regarding Bomar’s bottom-shielded Type N female V-Bite Series, visit To learn about the full V-Bite Series, visit  



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