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High Stability Infrared Sensor IC Suits Demanding Environments

Wed, 12/21/2011 - 6:35am


IR sensor ICThe new MLX90616ESF-HCA thermopile sensor addresses common challenge for current high end thermometer guns: their sensitivity to fast temperature changes in their environment. A stabilization period of up to ½ hour in a new environment is often necessary to achieve accurate measurements. The sensor with integrated electronic stabilization function uses proprietary technology to reduce the stabilization period to less than half a minute, according to the company. The MLX90616ESF-HCA incorporates a secondary thermopile sensor to detect temperature variations in the package and in the optical assembly. The signal of this secondary sensor is used to compensate electronically for the adverse effect on the measurement. In this way it is possible to make a thermometer gun which stabilizes in seconds and gives accurate results in extreme, demanding, environments. The IC is intended to be used in applications where the user places a lens in front of the sensor to adjust the FOV to their application. The MLX90616 has been specifically designed to measure high object temperatures with a maximum of 1030ºC.

The MLX90616 is factory calibrated in a wide temperature range of -40 to 85?C for the ambient temperature. For integration in thermometer guns it comes with an 8 to 12 micron optical filter. The integrated electronics will calculate the object temperature based on the internal temperature, the thermopile output and the calibration data stored in the EEPROM by the thermometer manufacturer during their calibration process.

The calculated object and ambient temperatures are available from RAM memory with a resolution of 0.02 ?C. They are accessible by a 2 wire serial SMBus compatible protocol (0.02°C resolution) or via 10-bit PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) output.


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