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Custom Motion Control Solutions Suit Large-Volume 0.5”- to 36”- Diameter Apps

Tue, 12/06/2011 - 9:03am
custom motion control solutionsAspen Motion Technologies announced its custom capabilities range from 0.5” in diameter to 36 inches in diameter for permanent magnet brushless synchronous motors/generators with the associated drive electronics from a few Watts up to 25 kW, often with a DSP/ARM core and data interface such as Analog, CAN OPEN, Zigbee, RS485, I2C or other industrial communication interfaces. Example results include tailored precision servo motors with feedback devices, brakes, gearboxes, and integrated intelligent controllers. The company has also designed/developed products including extremely compact forward curve/backward curve/centrifugal blowers, high efficiency systems (motors and generators), high performance magnetic couplings , unique extremely compact liquid pumps, direct drive solution (eliminating gearing) with integrated drives, and even complete OEM products per the customer’s specifications. Aspen’s skill sets include: FEA based electromagnetic and flow analysis, power electronics and intelligent DSP/ARM based control electronics, 3D printing for rapid prototyping, extensive machining capability, high volume and mixed volume winding machines, efficient assembly methods, data logging, operator training and quality processes to meet modern exacting demands of quality and on-time deliveries.

Aspen Motion Technologies

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