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GPS module includes integrated patch antenna

Wed, 11/23/2011 - 6:37am
PA6C ultra-small GPS moduleThe FGPMMOPA6C, from Alpha Micro, is a single-chip ultra-small GPS module with integrated patch antenna from GlobalTop Technology. Ideal for asset tracking and telematics applications, the PA6C single chip solution measures just 16mm x 16mm x 6.2mm and can be readily incorporated into any circuit board design for small form-factor devices.

Based upon the MediaTek MT3339 chipset, the PA6C combines high performance data reception with ultra low power consumption. Other advanced features including AlwaysLocate, which, using minimum power, provides accurate positioning information immediately and without the need to keep the module fully turn on all the time; EASY (Embedded Assisted System); EPO (Extended Prediction Orbit data service) and AIC (Active Interference Cancellation), which provides effective narrow-band interference and jamming elimination. The GPS signal can also be recovered from a jammed signal, providing the user with better navigation information and logger function (Auto logging data to internal flash, no need to wakeup HOST side). These excellent features make the PA6C ideal for portable applications.

Commenting on this new product, Anna Moroncini, Sales Director, Alpha Micro Inc said, “The PA6C has generated huge interest from Alpha Micro clients working in the asset tracking and telematics sector. Its high accuracy coupled with the fact that it comes complete with an integrated antenna makes it easy to incorporate into any small form-factor device.”

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