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Alternate-Source Part Provides Drop-In Replacement for Maxim MAX6024A-B

Wed, 11/02/2011 - 9:11am
Touchstone Semiconductor, a developer of high-performance analog integrated circuit solutions, announced the immediate availability of two new, drop-in replacements in its Maxim alternate-source family, bringing the total number to nine analog ICs. These new voltage reference analog ICs are pin-compatible, specification-identical and functionally identical to Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX6025A/B.

Touchstone’s nine alternate-source parts can be used in conjunction with Maxim products to ensure a constant supply of product so companies can meet product shipping deadlines. All Touchstone alternate-source Maxim ICs are in stock and available to ship immediately.

Touchstone’s two new analog products include the TSM6025A and TSM6025B, low-power, single-supply, precision +2.5-V voltage reference ICs that can be used for the MAX6025A/B.

The TSM6025A/B are series-mode voltage reference ICs. The TSM6025A/B consume only 27?A of supply current at no-load, and exhibit an initial output voltage accuracy of less than 0.2% and a low output voltage temperature coefficient of 15ppm/°C. In addition, the TSM6025A/B’s output stage is stable for all capacitive loads to 2200pF and is capable of sinking and sourcing load currents up to 500?A. Its supply current is not affected by changes in the applied supply voltage, unlike two-terminal shunt-mode references that require an external resistor. These ICs offer a small form factor, few external components and low supply-current operation and are ideal for low-power, precision applications. The TSM6025A/B are available in a 3-pin SOT23 package. Prices start at $1.70 each per 1,000 part quantity.
Electronics manufacturers use Touchstone’s products as additional product supply in the case of hard-to-get sole-sourced products. Touchstone’s other alternate-source products include:
• TSM9938F, a low-power current-sense amplifier that can be substituted for the MAX9938 and is guaranteed to operate from +1.6V to +28V, consume no more than 1?A supply current, offer a 50V/V fixed-gain option and exhibit a maximum input offset voltage of 500µV.
• TSM9634F, a low-power current-sense amplifier that can be used in place of the MAX9634 and is guaranteed to operate from +1.6V to +28V, consume no more than 1?A supply current, offer a 50V/V fixed-gain option and exhibit a maximum input offset voltage of 250µV.
• TSM9117 and TSM9118, low-power, single-supply comparators with reference that can be used as drop-in-replacements for the MAX9117 and MAX9118 and consume less than 600nA supply current.
• TSM9119 and TSM9120, low-power, single-supply comparators only that can be used the MAX9119 and MAX9120. They consume less than 400nA of supply current.
• TSM917, which can replace the MAX917 nanopower comparator, operates from a single +1.8V supply and consumes no more than 750nA of supply current.

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