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Rack-mount Displacement Measuring Systems Handles High Sensor Count Apps

Tue, 10/18/2011 - 6:43am
displacement measuring systemKaman announced its KDM-8206 measuring system in a 19-inch modularized rack format. The user easily adds channels to the system by installing modular PC backplane boards into empty rack or bench-top enclosure slots. Designed for making high-precision multi-channel displacement, run-out, and position measurements, the system is appropriate for high-sensor-count test and development applications in industrial, laboratory, and production facilities. The 3U-by-7T Eurocard measuring module is the fundamental component of this non-contact measuring system, and it features auto-synchronization of multiple channels. The KDM-8206 module contains the inductive bridge and signal conditioning circuits that produce the measurement output, a linear voltage proportional to the physical displacement of the target relative to the sensor. With both coarse and fine calibration controls, the system achieves resolution to 10 microinches or better or 0.01 percent of full scale. In addition, the device features non-linearity of <1 percent of full scale, and frequency response of 50 KHz standard, with up to 120 KHz optional. Output signals are single-ended voltage, differential voltage, or 4 to 20 mA current.

The KDM-8206 sensors measure ferrous and non-ferrous targets. Kaman offers 21 standard sensors that operate from -67°F to 220°F, and ten sensors that operate from cryogenic to 400°F. The inductive eddy current technology on which these sensors are built is unaffected by environmental contaminants such as water vapor, oil, particulates, etc.

Kaman offers three types of enclosures for the KDM-8206 measuring
channel: 12-channel full rack, 9-channel mid-rack, and 6-channel half-rack. All Kaman-supplied racks feature 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz input power supply, BNC coaxial output connectors for measuring channel voltage outputs, two-position terminal blocks for measuring channel current outputs, and twin BNC connectors for sensor inputs. Optional are meters, rack-to-rack synchronization, and true differential output.

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