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Power capacitors intended for wind power plants

Fri, 10/28/2011 - 7:24am
EPCOS power capacitorsTDK-EPC has developed EPCOS power capacitors with high rated voltage, long operating life and high current handling capability, making them ideal for renewable energy generation applications, such as AC output filters in offshore wind turbines.

The new MKP AC HP B25360* series has rated voltages are from 550 VRMS AC up to 1000 VRMS AC and covers a capacitance range from 10 to 150 µF. High dielectric strength is enabled by a castor oil filling. Another advantage of their new design is the improved heat dissipation from the capacitor’s interior to the aluminum can. In addition, hot spots are reduced and superior insulation properties are achieved, thereby extending the operating life to 100,000 hours (to IEC 61071). The capacitance changes by no more than 3 percent.

These capacitors are designed for temperatures from -40 to +70o C. M10 screw terminals ensure reliable electrical connection. The terminals can be modified according to specific customer or application requirements. The cans have diameters of 75 or 85 mm and heights between 115 and 270 mm.

Because of the overpressure disconnector, these capacitors pose no hazard in the event of overload. And, as with all EPCOS film capacitors, the new series is self-healing, so sparkovers caused by excessive voltages do not short-circuit or destroy them.

Main applications:

• AC output filters in wind power plants

Main features and benefits:

• High rated voltages up to 1000 VRMS AC
• Good thermal properties resulting from castor oil filling

Pricing varies depending upon type and quantity. Samples are available in six weeks.

Data sheets may be downloaded at

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