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Inclinometer Line Features Rugged and Super-rugged Versions

Tue, 10/25/2011 - 2:02pm


rugged inclinometersPOSITAL’s ACCELENS (ACS) inclinometers are now available in two major product lines. The first of these is designed primarily for industrial environments and features a tough fiber-reinforced PBT plastic housings and fully-encapsulated electronic components. These devices can stand up to rough handling, prolonged exposure the UV radiation and dust, immersion or even high-pressure water jets (IP 69K). Appropriate for factory environments, they are equally suitable for medical equipment, transportation systems or cranes and lifts. For the second new variant, the ACS inclinometers are enclosed in extra-rugged die-cast aluminum housings that are designed for the toughest off-road or harsh environment conditions. These new housings are built to withstand accidental impacts loads from tools, rocks or pieces of unsecured equipment. They also feature reinforced connection points to support heavy-duty cables and connectors. Like their plastic-housed counterparts, these devices feature IP 69K-rated protection from dust, water or high-pressure sprays. These housings also feature mounting holes for ¼” (M6) screws and solid flanges that won’t be damaged by high bolt-tightening torques. These ‘armored’ ACS inclinometers are desirable for mounting on construction and agricultural machinery, military vehicles, mobile equipment, cranes and lifts and drilling/mining equipment.

Both variants of the ACS inclinometers are available as single axis (360°) or two-axis (+/- 80°) models. The measurement cells, which work by monitoring capaciatance changes that occur when a small spring-mounted mass moves in response to changes in position, are designed to withstand shock loads of up to 100g. Maximum resolution is +/- 0.01° and each device is temperature compensated and individually calibrated at the factory to ensure accurate measurements in any environment. Available instrument interfaces include analogue (voltage or current), serial (SSI), CANopen and DeviceNet.


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