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Compact Cooling Solutions - Mini Fans

Thu, 10/20/2011 - 7:02am

Cooltron1California-based Cooltron Industrial Supply, a leading supplier of standard and custom AC and DC fans, trays, and accessories, has a new line of mini compact fans and blowers released. This new series is available in six models and outfitted with Cooltron’s state-of-art hydro bearing technology, characterized by a high level of performance despite the small dimensions. The smallest fan measures only 15mm by 6mm comes with 0.44CFM airflow and 19.3dBA noises.

With the lowest energy-consuming innovative design and mature micro fan technology, the fans have passed rigorous reliability verification and been introduced into new-generation handheld electronics such as smart phones, PDAs, tablets, laptops, and etc. Other applications include power tools, portable stereo systems, medical equipment, and security surveillance.

Cooltron  “Our engineers understood that these devices require a cooling system to help keep its processor cool and running,“ said Sherry Chou, the senior account manager of Cooltron.  “Compact fans can stop the system from overheating and help extend its life. Delivering the new cooling solutions is always the top priority to our customers. That’s why we are currently developing a compact blower which will be available with two models used in environments where not only is space limited, so is the energy supply.” For more information, please visit Cooltron’s website.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

October 20, 2011



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