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Atom AMPD Introduces Kwick Key Portable Software Installation

Thu, 10/13/2011 - 7:59am


There’s nothing worse for any company than trying to keep an older computer operational and have access to today’s newer software without spending thousands of dollars.  Atom AMPD has now introduced the Atom OS Kwick Key, a portable software installation key for network and communications bringing users up to a 70% lower  total cost of ownership.  The Kwick Key application also adds new life to computers by cost-effectively upgrading old servers, thereby further reducing IT costs.

“Atom AMPD has installed its operating systems in a number of vertical market sectors. By introducing the Atom OS Kwick Key™, we provide a software only solution option that is very attractive to the market for its efficiency and cost savings,” said Tom Bergmann , Executive Vice President of Atom AMPD.

The Atom OS Kwick Key has been introduced to both private and public sector markets, including the education sector through two co-branding agreements with Digital Schools (K-12) and EDC (college).

“The Atom OS Kwick Key Edge , includes VoIP, anti-virus, content filtering, firewall and more,” said Chris Beyne, Sales and Marketing Manager for Atom AMPD.  “This innovative  key removes the need to purchase new hardware appliances  while providing a base two year license agreement.”

The Atom OS Kwick Key™ is a Green solution that installs in minutes.  Customers can save their current configurations to the Kwick Key™ and reinstall it on new hardware immediately.  Kwick Key™ has RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) capabilities offering storage drive redundancy, promoting file safety.

For more information, please contact Atom AMPD at or call 312-377-6654 ext 4223.


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