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LLC Converter IC Touts Flexibility for Enhanced Supply Efficiency or Smaller Footprint

Wed, 09/14/2011 - 1:31pm
LLC converter ICPower Integrations introduced HiperLCS, a family of high-voltage LLC power supply ICs that incorporate the controller, high- and low-side drivers, and both MOSFETs into a single package. These ICs offer the flexibility to optimize designs either for high efficiency– with a maximum efficiency of better than 97 percent– or for size, by leveraging high-frequency operation (up to 1 MHz) to minimize transformer size and output capacitor footprint. These devices address are asserted to eliminate up to 30 discrete and passive components– thereby streamlining the design cycle, saving board space, reducing assembly costs, and increasing reliability. The high switching frequency of HiperLCS devices allows designers to use low-cost SMD ceramic capacitors in the output loop instead of bulky, unreliable electrolytic capacitors, and reduce the size of the magnetics required. It also delivers exceptional transformer utilization, with a peak switching frequency of 1 MHz.

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