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Powerful Bosch GPA Motors Can Raise the Incline of Treadmills For A More Challenging Workout

Mon, 08/01/2011 - 6:05am
The Bosch i-Business Group offers several different models of fractional horsepower DC electric motors that can be used to quietly raise and lower the angle of incline on treadmills for a more robust physical workout. Among the Bosch motors that are suitable for this type of application is the 24-volt, 750-watt Bosch GPA motor (part number 0 130 302 014), whose direction of rotation can be set up to rotate either left or right.

According to Kenn Langosch, Sales Manager for Industrial Motors for Bosch, this Bosch GPA motor is compact and powerful, generating a nominal torque of 2.2 Nm and breakaway torque of 11 Nm. The motor’s nominal current is rated at 40.0 amps and the nominal speed is 3300 min-1. “Its compact size and outstanding speed and power characteristics make this particular Bosch GPA motor a good fit for many adjustable-incline treadmill designs,” says Langosch. The Bosch GPA motor runs quietly and is also durable and designed for long life — a good selling point for treadmill manufacturers and a welcome benefit for treadmill owners.

Another advantage for treadmill manufacturers is the motor’s low weight, approximately 3.80 kg — providing treadmill designers with a key component that does not add significantly to the total weight of the home exercise device. Langosch says, “Good power/weight ratio is one of the hallmarks of the Bosch GPA family of DC electric motors.”

Treadmills that offer an adjustable incline feature are often preferred by individuals who seek home exercise equipment which provide a more diverse and challenging workout — one that helps burn more calories, increase blood flow to the heart and lungs, and build more muscle throughout the legs. Langosch says, “Having a reliable incline treadmill is important to the exercise enthusiasts who use them daily. The durable Bosch DC electric motors we offer to manufacturers of such exercise equipment are designed to stand the test of time.” 

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