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Crimp sleeve tool captures the braid of a coaxial cable to the connector body

Mon, 08/08/2011 - 4:56am
outer crimp sleeve toolEmerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions announces an upgrade to the line of Trompeter installer tools, specifically the outer crimp sleeve tool which captures the braid of a coaxial cable to the connector body. Success of this crimp termination is essential in delivering both the electrical and mechanical connector integrity associated with the Trompeter line of connectors.

Trompeter tools have led the industry in rugged long term reliable terminations. This upgrade is yet another step on our path of continuous improvement in keeping Trompeter’s 75 ohm BNC connectors best in class across multiple Telco and video broadcast applications, where Trompeter is considered the performance benchmark. The new tool, designated as the CT5, requires 25 percent less physical effort to achieve the same results as the CT4L, providing a definite advantage to the installer over the tool it replaces.

All of this is accomplished while keeping the physical size of the tool within the same dimensional profile as the tool it replaces. Additionally, the CT5 has an extended lifespan of 50k cycles with increased tool rigidity under load. Improved through a redesigned closure action, the ergonomic properties are enhanced and the “wear and tear” on the installer is significantly reduced.



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