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Rack enclosures accommodate Cisco Nexus 7010 and 7018 switches

Mon, 07/11/2011 - 9:52am


Las Vegas, Nev. [July 11, 2011] – Today at Cisco Live, Cisco’s annual IT and communications conference, Emerson Network Power introduced Knurr DCM rack enclosures that specifically accommodate Cisco Nexus 7010 and 7018 switches. The preassembled, easy-to-manage rack enclosures currently are available in North America, Central and Latin America and EMEA.

An extension of the Knurr DCM rack solutions launched in 2010, Knurr DCM enclosures for the Nexus 7000 switches enable easier installation of switches and rack-based equipment and simple access for supporting product installation and service. They support both hot aisle/cold aisle data center design, and cold aisle containment, to drive energy efficiency. The racks are designed to handle frequent equipment changes, reduce space constraints and provide a secure environment where business-critical technology is protected to ensure high uptime, and monitored for performance. The server and switch racks are equipped with baffles for optimized air management that prevent exhaust air from re-circulating into the chassis intake. Effective cable management is provided by adjustable mounting rails, vertical cable fingers, lobster claws, and optional horizontal cable troughs.

“Developed in response to rising compute densities and an industry need for an efficient solution to protect the densely packed computing power of virtualized servers and switches, Knurr DCM enclosures are an ideal solution to house the Cisco Nexus 7000 series switches,” said Jeff Sturgeon, vice president marketing and solutions, Emerson Network Power’s Liebert products business in North America. “The preconfigured enclosure design provides fast deployment, flexibility for growth and durability for reduced downtime.”

For the Cisco Nexus 7010, the new Knurr DCM enclosures are offered in heights of 42U or 45U with 800mm width and 1200mm depth. The Knurr DCM accommodates one or two Cisco Nexus 7018 switches in 42U, 45U, or 52U height racks with 1000mm width and 1200mm depth. To accommodate the Cisco Nexus 7018, a side-to-side breathing unit with air intake on the side, the specially engineered width of the enclosure allows clearance for inlet and exhaust airflow, to prevent hot air from re-circulating through the switch.

The Knurr DCM enclosures feature lightweight extruded aluminum framing that is superior in strength and 50 percent lighter than standard steel-frame racks. The enclosures have multiple accessories that are either tool-less or significantly more convenient to install than typical rack accessories. Optional rack power distribution units (PDUs) can be easily incorporated into the Knurr DCM racks, like the Liebert MPX rack PDU with hot-swappable output power modules and reconfigurable input power modules, which allow immediate onsite configuration of rack power to match IT equipment needs. The system offers remote monitoring and control to the receptacle level, as well as monitoring of environmental input options, such as rack temperature and humidity.

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