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PWM Driver Module Enables High-Current Device Integration

Thu, 07/14/2011 - 8:09am


PWM driver moduleMosaic has added a new member to its family of plug-in I/O modules called the Wildcards. Mosaic’s new PWM Driver Wildcard makes it a snap to interface high current peripherals to any instrumentation or automation project and offers high-precision current sensing with a programmable gain. The Wildcard, intended for use with the company’s new PDQ product line, converts the PDQ Board's logic-level PWM outputs to the high current drive required of heaters, solenoids, control valves, motors and relays. It features eight channels of up to 5 A current each with field voltages up to 26 V; fast PWM switching, and four channels of current sensing with user-configurable gain. A logic high (5 VDC) placed on one of the inputs turns on its corresponding output. Two different field supplies each serving four channels can be used for controlling devices that require different voltages. Each of the PWM Driver's channels provides a MOSFET switch to turn ON/OFF current into the controlled device.

Mosaic Industries

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