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Electrolube Exhibits ‘Green Products’ at AATE

Thu, 07/21/2011 - 7:11am
EADH200Electrolube will exhibit a wide range of high performance electro-chemicals for electronics, automotive and industrial manufacturing at Assembly and Automation Technology Expo, in Chicago during September.

Amongst the many ranges on display, Electrolube will showcase two new products with improved environmental properties. FREH Freezer, a powerful refrigerant and EADH Air Duster have been developed without the use of harmful gasses and contain a novel hydrofluorocarbon propellant, which improves the environmental properties.

FREH Freezer is a non-flammable, non-toxic and non-corrosive refrigerant used as a safe and quick way of cooling small electronic and electrical components. It lowers temperatures to at least -50 °C in just seconds and saves time on measuring electrical resistance at each joint in a faulty circuit.

The other new ‘green’ product being shown at AATE is Electrolube’s EADH Air Duster. This helps to remove all dust and airborne contamination from fragile or inaccessible areas on electrical and electronic equipment. EADH is a useful service aid to maintain parts efficiently and quickly.

Another product, new to the American market, is Electrolube’s range of thermal management pastes, including HTCPX. The product features outstanding thermal conductivity, low oil bleed, and very low evaporation weight loss.

Most components have a maximum effective operating temperature and if this cannot be maintained and the temperature drops, it can lead to increased failure rates and variation of electrical properties, HTCPX is an effective way to maintain and protect components.

Heat generated within components is conventionally removed by the use of metals, either formed to give high surface areas (heatsinks) or to form part of the assembly’s outer body. The hot component is mechanically attached to the metal but invariably there is always an air gap between the surfaces. As air is a poor conductor of heat, this air gap greatly reduces the rate of heat dissipation. The application of HTCPX completely fills the gap, excluding air.

The Electrolube management and technical team will be available to discuss the benefits of its ranges and introduce which products should be used for specific electronic and manufacturing requirements. Visit Electrolube at AATE Chicago from 20 - 22 September at stand 750.



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