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Differential Pressure MEMS Mass Flow Sensor Targets HVAC Apps

Fri, 06/10/2011 - 12:01pm


MEMS mass flow differential pressureOmron Electronic Components LLC announced a new Differential pressure type mass flow sensor. It uses the company’s mass flow MEMS Chip, and will have the same external structure as the D6F-P0010A1. The internal flow path has been redesigned to produce a low flow (70 mL/min), high impedance sensor. When used in a bypass type design (or set-up similar to a differential pressure sensor), this product is not sensitive to variations in the bypass tube length. The product is targeted for, but not limited to, the HVAC market, as tubing in HVAC damper controls is often installed in the field, which makes it a challenge to maintain consistent tube lengths. Engineering samples are already in test at key HVAC Control manufacturers.

Omron Electronic Components LLC

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