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VCXOs Tout 1600 PPM Pull Range and 1 Percent Linearity

Tue, 05/10/2011 - 8:21am
MEMS based VCXOsSiTime Corporation introduced the SiT380X family of MEMS-based Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCXOs) for telecom, networking and embedded applications. The SiT3808 and SiT3809 VCXOs offer sub-picosecond jitter as well as 10 times better pull range and linearity than quartz VCXOs. These devices also come with programmable features such as frequency, voltage, stability, pull range and drive strength. This family offers pin compatibility with existing quartz-based solutions. The SiT3808, which operates between 1 and 80 MHz and the SiT3809, which operates from 80 to 220 MHz have the following features: any frequency within the operating range with best-in-class 6 decimal places of accuracy; a wide pull range, up to ±1600 PPM (ndustry-compatible pull ranges up to ± 200 PPM are also available); linearity of <1 percent, which enables fast system synchronization; tuning slope (Kv) consistency minimizes variation in system PLL performance; and frequency stability as low as ± 10 PPM.

SiTime Corporation

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