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LED Backlit LCDs Feature Wide Viewing Angles

Tue, 05/24/2011 - 6:36am
LED backlit LCDsSharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA) announced two additions to its small-format LED-backlit LCD product line. These TFT-LCDs include one 7.0-inch display and one 8.5-inch display. The displays deliver a high contrast ratio of between 800:1 to 1000:1. Both panels are the first in their size class to feature Sharp’s signature Advanced Super View (ASV) technology, delivering wide, symmetrical viewing angles between 160º to 176º. ASV helps eliminate color shift, gamma curve shift, and image retention. This makes the displays appropriate for applications such as medical devices and navigation, where extremely precise images are required. These LCDs are also suitable for industrial applications such as ATMs, multimedia, office automation, point of sale (POS), test and measurement, VoIP, white goods, and many others. The 7.0-inch WVGA Landscape LVDS LED-backlit LCD (LQ070Y3LW01) LCD module is ideal for industrial applications. Its features include a wide, symmetrical viewing angle of 170° with Sharp’s ASV technology, 360 nits of brightness with a high 800:1 contrast ratio. The panel features a long LED backlight operating life of 50,000 hours. The 8.5-inch WVGA Landscape LED-backlit LCD (LQ085Y3DW01 features a thin profile to aid in developing sleek, lightweight finished products to ease the design process. It offers a superb contrast ratio of 1000:1 plus 350 nits of brightness. Viewability is further enhanced with Sharp’s ASV technology and a wide, symmetrical viewing angle of 176°.

Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas (SMA)

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