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Murata Develops World's Lowest Profile RF Micro Coaxial Connector Series

Tue, 04/12/2011 - 6:28am
JSC SeriesMurata Electronics North America today announced the release of the world's lowest profile RF micro coaxial connector series. The new JSC series has a maximum profile of just 1.0mm, making it ideal for high-tech wireless products including tablets, smart phones, e-books and other mobile devices. The low profile is possible through advanced manufacturing techniques used for both the board mounted connector and the micro coaxial cable.

"Murata's innovative approach to miniaturizing products without compromising performance is realized in the advanced JSC construction," stated Gerry Hubers, business development manager, Murata Electronics North America. "With tablets and other high-tech, hand-held electronics, the thinner and lighter the better. Murata's products help manufacturers and consumers achieve this goal."

The JSC series comprises of board mounted receptacle (MM5829-2700) which mates with a RF cable (MXJA01xxxxxx) that has a diameter of 0.81mm. The receptacle measures 2mm x 1.8mm x 0.5mm and the mated height of both the receptacle and cable plug is 1.0mm maximum. The part is designed to withstand up to 30 mating cycles and emits an audible click on connecting. The connector and cable structure is optimized to ensure excellent RF performance up to 12GHz. The RF performance is best summarized by its voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), which is 1.3GHz up to 3GHz, 1.4GHz maximum between 3GHz and 6GHz, 1.5GHz maximum between 6GHz and 9GHz, and 1.6GHz maximum between 9GHz and 12GHz. With the multiple cable configurations available, it allows individuals flexibility and options within their designs.

The pricing of Murata's JSC receptacle is $0.25 and a typical lead-time is 10 weeks. Further information can be found online at



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