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Multilayer Ferrite Coils Are Asserted to Have the Industry’s Highest Rated Current

Mon, 04/11/2011 - 12:59pm
multilayer ferrite coilsTDK-EPC has developed a TDK multilayer ferrite coil (MLZ2012-H Series) in case size EIA 2012 with a rated current that is 2.5 times higher than existing products, according to the company. With a current capability of up to 700 mA at 1.0 µH and dimensions of 2.0 mm x 1.25 mm x 1.25 mm3, this series is suited for decoupling in compact electronic devices such as notebook computers and digital still and video cameras. This coil’s performance characteristics were achieved through the use of advanced proprietary ferrite materials with an optimized multilayer structure, which the company asserts were made possible by the precise control of the enamel physical properties and which allow a further improvement of the coil design and desirable DC superimposition characteristics on a par with those of wire wound-type coils. The inductors are available with values of 1.0 µH to 10 µH with a tolerance of ±20 percent. At DC resistance values of 0.1 ? to 0.68 ? (±30 percent) the current range is between 200 mA and 700 mA.

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