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Low-Cost, Stabilized Pan-Tilts Announced

Mon, 04/25/2011 - 7:02am


Inertial Stabilization Module (ISM) for its E-Series pan/tilt modelsPortland, OR – FLIR Motion Control Systems (MCS) announced the release of the new Inertial Stabilization Module (ISM) for its E-Series pan/tilt models. The E-Series ISM is an open architecture inertial stabilization option on high-performance MCS pan/tilts that provides unmatched performance at an affordable price.

The all new ISM uses a 3-axis gyro and special firmware to actively control the pan/tilt’s pointing angles and compensate for vehicle motion to maintain steady line-of-sight.

The open architecture of the ISM allows for simple integration with OEM applications such as video tracking, radar slew-to-cue, and joystick control via built-in serial and Ethernet interfaces. The build-in Web interface provides simple configuration and tailoring to OEM applications.

ISM stabilized pan/tilt systems are the ideal platform for OEMs developing mobile sensing or communications applications on a variety of platforms with single and multi-part payloads. Target applications include: maritime camera systems, communications-on-the-move, airborne antenna or camera systems, ground vehicle mounted camera systems for on-the-move force protection and surveillance.

ISM is available as a factory option for PTU-D48E, PTU-D100E, and PTU-D300E model high-performance pan/tilt systems. The PTU-D48E-ISM is available for under $10,000 in low quantities.

“ISM for E-Series is a very exciting product for FLIR,” said David Gaw, Vice President of Sales at FLIR Motion Control Systems. “We have incorporated early experience in stabilized applications to offer the best price/performance of any stabilized pan/tilt on the market. This will enable our OEM customers to deliver an exciting array of new applications not previously possible.”

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