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New license management for ArtemiS multi-channel analysis software

Mon, 03/14/2011 - 6:34am


With ArtemiS’Net and ArtemiS’Net(+), HEAD acoustics GmbH now offers two new license management variants for the ArtemiS multi-channel analysis software. “The new options allow companies using the software in their network to flexibly employ ArtemiS where it is currently needed”, declares Prof. Dr. Klaus Genuit, General Manager of HEAD acoustics GmbH.
Already with the previous version of ArtemiS, the software protection method was switched to the modern and powerful HASP technology from SafeNet. With the latest version ArtemiS 12, this technology change now allows very powerful network solutions and thus an optimal utilization and organization of ArtemiS resources. “For example, companies working in a network can use the software not just locally at certain workplaces, but on any computer connected to the network”, says Genuit.

With the ArtemiS’Net network license, ArtemiS licenses are combined in a license pool. From each computer connected to the network, users can compile the licenses they currently need from the available pool of base version licenses and licenses for optional tools. Optional tools not needed for the current task remain available to other ArtemiS users in the network. As soon as ArtemiS is closed, the licenses used are returned to the license pool and are available again. This allows licenses to be utilized in a much more flexible way than is possible with local licenses. Even remote access to network licenses via a VPN connection is possible, allowing network licenses to be used at varying locations.

Beyond the possibilities of ArtemiS’Net, ArtemiS’Net(+) offers the additional possibility to temporarily use licenses on computers not connected to the network. For this purpose, licenses are checked out of the network for a limited time, during which they can be used on a mobile computer, e.g. for in-vehicle measurements.

The administration of the ArtemiS network licenses is very convenient. Even without detailed knowledge of the network architecture, a software administrator can easily configure the access rights of individual users to the available network licenses.

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