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Plessey Semiconductors Releases 500MHz Logarithmic-Limiting Amplifier with 75dB Dynamic Range

Wed, 02/02/2011 - 6:47am
UK, 31st January – Plessey Semiconductors today announced the release of the PS13201 logarithmic/limiting amplifier. The PS13201 is a pin-for-pin, drop-in compatible replacement for the original Plessey SL3522 log amp. The device operates in the 100MHz to 500MHz frequency range and has a 75dB dynamic range. Other key features include on-chip video amplifier with provision for external adjustment of log slope and offset. The device also features a balanced RF output. The PS13201 is specified across the military temperature range of -55°C to + 125°C. It is suitable for use in ultra-wideband logarithmic receivers and both channelized and mono-pulse radar applications.

Derek Rye, Plessey Semiconductor’s Marketing Director, said, “Whilst we are focused on developing our range of sensors, we continue to release ancillary components that support our strategic market segments. These products are being used today in a variety of key applications as they are still the best available solution. Whilst Moore's Law drives ICs with ever shortening life spans, there is a huge range of other products that continue to be best in class over many years because there are no technological advances to change that. Our product range fulfils residual demand for end of life products, but also augments the functionality of the innovative sensing products that we continue to release.”



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