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Piezoelectric Biaxial Accelerometer Provides Dynamic Vibration Monitoring

Thu, 02/17/2011 - 10:58am


Biaxial accelerometerDytran Instruments, Inc. has introduced the model 3302A, a biaxial IEPE accelerometer designed to provide dynamic vibration monitoring within Active Vibration Control (AVC) applications typically found on commercial and military aircraft. Using a biaxial design, this accelerometer incorporates the mounting bracket and sensing elements in a single package. This feature facilitates improved sensor performance while eliminating the costs associated with employing separate accelerometers and mounting brackets. The design also offers reduced mass as compared to conventional sensors and mounting brackets. As an IEPE sensor, the model 3302A features built-in electronics, eliminating the need for an external charge amplifier and converter. Design of the model 3302A features quartz sensing elements, operating in shear mode and is packaged in a compact stainless steel housing (1.05 x 1.21 x 0.48 inches). The device weighs 30 grams, uses a 5/16-28 3-pin radial connector and offers vibration measurement capabilities up to 500g range, with a 10 mV/g sensitivity. The units are hermetically sealed for reliable operation within high-humidity and dirty environments as well as case isolated to avoid electromagnetic or ground loop interference.

Dytran Instruments, Inc.



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