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WirelessHD Module Addresses High-Definition Electronic Devices

Thu, 01/06/2011 - 8:05am
Murata Electronics announced the launch of its second generation WirelessHD module. The WHDM-T005/R006 series provides a fully embedded solution for design engineers developing high-definition audio/visual (HD-A/V) electronic devices such as plasma displays, LCD-TVs, projection DTVs, A/V receiver, and Blu-ray players. Specifically, the module enables the WirelessHD (WiHD) compliant wireless video-area networks (WVAN). WiHD is a leading technology that provides  10m line-of-sight wireless transport method for completely uncompressed communication at 1080p 60Hz with very short latency.

The WHDM-T005/R006 integrates all components necessary for WVAN in a compact aluminum case. Developed for efficient heat dissipation and EMI suppression, it can be easily embedded in low-profile A/V devices with minimal additional thermal and radio law consideration. By using this module, HD-A/V electronic devices are able to create, join, or leave a WVAN automatically. A set of 4.0Gbps and three 10.0Mbps links maintained with a 60GHz array antenna and the OmniLonk60TM beam forming technology enable uncompressed real-time communication of 1080p/60Hz or 3D video with 32-192kHz audio and back-channel audio.

"Murata's innovative WirelessHD® module utilizes advanced technology to improve the consumers' viewing experience," stated John Denslinger, senior vice president, Murata Wireless Solutions. "Murata is always striving to develop the best solutions for new applications and this module is the perfect example of this commitment."

The WHDM-T005/R006, measuring 121.9mm(L) x 23.5mm(W) x 8.2mm(H), operates in a 12V single power supply and has an HDMI port as the video interface. Pre-programmed embedded DTCP and HDCP keys for content protection also ease the AV system design. Additionally, Murata has developed this split type module (consisting of RF and network processor boards) that can be interconnected with a flexible cable assembly to allow for greater mounting options. The small split-RF board and the DMC type NW-processor board allow it to be readily integrated into laptop PCs.

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