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Piezo Motor Linear Stage Includes Closed-loop Controller and Driver

Sat, 01/08/2011 - 10:12am
piezo motor linear stageNewport Corporation introduced the newest member of the CONEX integrated stage and controller product series. The CONEX-AGP controller is preconfigured with an Agilis AG-LS25-27P linear stage that includes a miniature, built-in, direct-read linear encoder. The CONEX-AG-LS25-27P, which integrates both products, offers quick set up and control with closed-loop positioning performance. This the first of two specialized stage products to be released that combines an advanced piezo motor linear stage with the architecture of the CONEX controller family. The ultra-compact controller delivers sub-micron, bi-directional repeatability of 0.3 µm, making it appropriate for applications in confined spaces that require integrated, single-axis control. The linear stage is also very compact, capable of 27 mm travel and 0.2 µm metal-insulator-metal (MIM). The controller's deadband function allows the user to modify the closed-loop parameters to program the acceptable deviation from a position, and to hold that position steady. The controller features the CONEX GUI, accessible via USB. The USB interface also supplies power to the controller which eliminates the need for additional power supplies and/or cables.

Newport Corporation

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