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Extender boards enable active boards to be brought out from the subrack

Mon, 01/17/2011 - 4:45am


Eurocard extendersVero Technologies manufactures a wide range of double sided and multilayer Eurocard extender boards that enable active boards to be brought out from the subrack for testing and debugging while retaining the interconnect with the backplane. Three types are available, all fitted with a support /eject mechanism at the front of the board and either 64/64 or 96/96 DIN 41612 connectors at both ends.

3U and 6U linear tracked versions for J1/J2 VMEbus systems are manufactured in either double-sided, three or six layer multilayer construction. Produced in various configurations, the top of the range version comes complete with wire-wrapping pins, jumper links and an interface for a stub terminator or logic analyser and are designed to provide minimum crosstalk and controlled impedance to suit VME applications. Uncommitted extender boards offer maximum flexibility with low crosstalk, achieved through guard tracking with discrete reference planes and multiple power planes to minimise voltage drop. Fitted jumper pins allow access to individual tracks and a reverse DIN 41612 connector provides an interface to a stub terminator or connection to a logic analyser. PTH extender boards, in either 64/64 or 96/96 configuration, feature expandable heights in multiples of 3U, achieved by simply adding a standard divider plate assembly as required.



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