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AC Caps Range from 2 uF to 75 uF Capacitance

Wed, 01/19/2011 - 7:59am
AC capacitors to 75ufTDK-EPC announced a new series of EPCOS MKP AC capacitors with a capacitance range from 2 µF to 75 µF and radial terminals for PCB mounting. The B3279* Series of output filter capacitors features types for voltages up to 400 V AC and can be used in a wide range of output filter modules. Higher capacitance values can be realized by placing several capacitors in parallel in the PCB assembly, thus allowing filter designers and manufacturers to design power converters even up to 500 kW with modular systems. Applications for the new series are, in particular, in star-connected LCL circuits of three-phase power converters (DC/AC or AC/AC) for drives. Additional applications include inverters for solar power as well as UPS systems and discrete filters. The capacitors can also be used in single-phase systems. The B3279* series complements the existing B3292*E/F series of X2 capacitors for 305 V AC, which was designed for input AC filters and discrete EMC filters.


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