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USB Controller Offers Simple Access

Wed, 12/29/2010 - 3:56am


IO-Warrior56Saelig has introduced IO-Warrior56, a universal USB Controller that allows easy access to input or output functions via a USB bus. Featuring 50 generic I/O lines, IO-Warrior56 is also an I2C/SPI master, allowing interface with a wide range of available ICs.

IO-Warrior56 offers a simple access to the USB since it has been designed as a generic HID device - the protocol is all in the IO-Warrior56 chip. Only a few simple lines of code are needed to access the I/O pins. If you need to connect simple devices to a computer, like relays, switches, keypad, or a small display, IO-Warrior56 is a simple solution. Working with USB used to mean that you had to develop specific code for a USB-enabled microcontroller, developing a unique driver with lots of documentation, using expensive development systems. Now driving LCDs, LEDs, or keypads from USB is easy! IO-Warrior56 also supports a range of industrial standard interfaces such as I2C and SPI to simplify interfacing to chips, modules, or displays.

Features: · Full Speed USB2.0-compliant interface (12MBit/sec) · 50 general purpose I/O Pins, typ. 1000Hz rate (input or output) · I2C master function, 50, 100, or 400kHz · SPI master interface, up to 12MBit/sec, throughput up to 62Kbytes/sec · Controls various display modules, including most graphic modules · Drives up to 8x64 LED matrix · Drives 8x8 switch or button matrix · Software support for Mac(10.2 and up), Linux (Kernel 2.6), and Windows (2K/XP/Vista/7) · No USB knowledge needed · Single +5V power supply (50mA operating, 25?A suspend) · 0.1"-spaced 56-pin module. · Extended temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

Made in Germany by Code Mercenaries, the USB I/O specialists, IO-Warrior56 is available now from Saelig, with prices starting at $30 USD (qty 100). A Development Starter Kit is also available at $99.00. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact 1-888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit


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