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Software for Offline Examination of Beamforming Recordings

Thu, 12/16/2010 - 7:02am


With HEAD VISOR core, HEAD acoustics now offers a software product for offline processing of HEAD VISOR recordings. HEAD VISOR is an innovation from HEAD acoustics in the area of microphone array technology, which allows real-time localization of sound sources.

The powerful and easy-to-use offline analysis and playback system HEAD VISOR core is recommended especially for customers making use of HEAD VISOR as a third-party service, or for those who already own a HEAD VISOR microphone array system and need an additional workplace for processing the recordings.

With HEAD VISOR core, recordings made with HEAD VISOR can be processed in the absence of the HEAD VISOR hardware. The offline software provides users with the full functionality of the HEAD VISOR software, except for the recording function. All interesting frequency ranges are displayed as source maps in a clearly arranged interface. Even when using the adjustable slow-motion function, the synchronicity of source maps, video image, analyses and auralized time domain signals is retained. HEAD VISOR recordings also store the distances to the sound sources determined via three industrial-grade cameras. If an area is marked manually, HEAD VISOR core determines the distance using offline auto-focus. The sound signals emitted by a measurement object at any position in the video image can be calculated, auralized and exported. The software can also be used to perform order analyses, to determine coherence and to filter or amplify coherent signal components. Source maps can be exported as movies, still images or time domain signals.



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