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High-sensitivity Telecoil is Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC) With Mobile Phones

Mon, 10/04/2010 - 8:17am
telecoil for hearing aidPREMO’s Series ZTC0602 high-sensitivity coil for application in hearing aids was developed according to ISO/TS16949:02, ISO9001:2000. It is specially Z-axis-designed for mobile phone to transmit audio signal from mobile to hearing aid device. Typically inductance (90 uH to 180 uH) and RDC value for this ZTC0602 is between 4 Ohms and 32 Ohms using for switching to T-coil function. Its Surface Mounting Device (SMD) configuration allows an easy integration in an automatic printed circuit board assembly process. Telecoils are suited for telephone communication because they permit the volume control of a hearing aid to be turned up without creating feedback and background noise can be reduced especially when using cell phones in noisy places. The user can change the phone coil in manual or automatic way to create a magnetic field as intensive as to transmit the signal to hearing aid.

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