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Open Frame DC-DC Converters for Railway Apps Have a Smaller Footprint

Tue, 09/28/2010 - 8:31am
DCDC converters 4 RR appsMartek Power announced additions to its Powertron family of DC/DC converters. The new DC/DC converters are extensions to the company’s JL series of open frame units originally designed for on-board passenger information systems. The new JLM and JLHM converters are rated at 35 W and 5 0W respectively and offer all of the features of the standard range, including full EN50155 compliance, but in a much smaller footprint. Both JLM and JLHM units can accept the wide range of typical railway input voltages and outputs can be specified between 5 V and 110V DC. The open frame version of both products measures 115 x 85 x 22mm, which is less than half the overall size of the original range. This makes the power supply suitable for customers wishing to install a converter in their own equipment where space is limited.

Martek Power

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