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Texas Instruments introduces industry’s first -36-V, 200-mA LDO

Mon, 08/30/2010 - 7:36am
TPS7A30Texas Instruments today introduced the industry’s first -36-V low dropout regulators (LDO). The TPS7A30, paired with the positive voltage TPS7A49, provides designers with a total solution for powering precision analog applications. The devices feature ultra-high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) performance and as low as 16uVrms of output noise. The TPS7A30 generates 200 mA, while the TPS7A49 manages 150 mA. For details see:

“Customers designing high-precision equipment need clean bipolar power rails for powering operational amplifiers, analog-to-digital converters or digital-to-analog converters,” said Sami Kiriaki, senior vice president and manager over TI’s Power Management business unit. “The TPS7A30 and TPS7A49 power for precision analog LDOs help meet that requirement with wide input voltages, lowest noise and maximum amount of transient headroom.”

The TPS7A30/TPS7A49 linear regulator family is stable with any output capacitance greater than 2.2 uF. The LDOs come in an adjustable version with an output voltage ranging from 1.22 V to 34 V. The LDOs are designed for noise-sensitive applications, such as test equipment; industrial, networking and telecom equipment; base stations; microwave and radio links; noise filtering for receive, transmit and power amplifiers; and medical applications.

Key features and benefits of the TPS7A30 and TPS7A49
• Wide input voltages for robust tolerance of high line-voltage transients: TPS7A30, -3.0V to - 36V, TPS7A49, +3.0V to +36V.
• 1.5 percent nominal accuracy over load, line and temperature for better precision for VCOs, PLLs and ADCs.
• Stable with >2-uF ceramic output capacitor for smaller size and lower cost versus tantalums.
• Low noise/high PSRR for improved range in RF applications, filters, and handling of DC/DC spikes.
   – Output noise as low as 16 uVRMS
   – PSRR of 72dB at 1kHz 55dB 10kHz to 700kHz
• These LDOs for powering precision analog join several new power management devices designed for the industrial market, including the TPS54260, a 60-V, 2.5-A SWIFT converter; TPS40057
wide-input synchronous PWM buck controller; and bq24610/7, switch-mode standalone battery charger ICs for 5-V to 28-V input applications.

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Availability and pricing
The TPS7A30 and TPS7A49 are available now in MSOP-8 PowerPADTM packaging and are priced at $1.50 and $1.10, respectively, in quantities of 1,000. The TPS7A30_49EVM-567 evaluation module is available and is priced at $20.

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