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QFN Package designed for power devices

Mon, 08/16/2010 - 11:19am
QFN Package for Power DevicesInterplex Engineered Products has introduced a new air cavity Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package designed for power devices and components needing thermally enhanced packaging.

Based upon the industry standard QFN package outline, Interplex has designed a unique structure that enables top surface thermal management of the package. By inverting the assembly, the die pad is exposed at the top of the package rather than at the substrate or board side. This allows the package to be used with heat sinks, forced air flow and a host of other high-performance cooling processes.

The advantage of the Inverted Exposed Pad (IEP) approach for power devices is that they can operate at higher power levels through the use of efficient surface cooling ensuring reliable and effective long-term device performance. The management of the heat dissipation is much more effective on the top surface than on the underside of the packages.

This air cavity QFN-IEP package design incorporates the Interplex-unique, dual lead-frame process that integrates a thick copper base (heat sink) with a functional lead-frame structure in a high temperature LCP Thermoplastic enclosure. This ensures excellent heat transfer from device to heat sink and isolation of the interconnections through the copper lead-frame in order to support increased efficiency.

The design of this package family allows assembly to be done utilizing the standard methods of die-attach and wire-bonding for cavity QFN packages. Assembled device packages are either filled or lidded to seal the components. Use of thermally enhanced filler materials adds even more to the heat dissipation performance of these packages.

“This QFN-IEP approach allows for reduced board real estate while offering up to four times greater surface area for thermal management solutions,” said Andy Longford, Interplex Engineered Products’ technical support consultant in Europe. “This reduces costs and improves the reliability for a wide range of device options. With the ever-increasing demands for solid state power management in automotive, electric vehicles, renewable energy and emerging transport systems, trends are for smaller systems with thermally enhanced components. These packages offer the ideal solution to meet the needs of lower-cost production applications.”

The packages are available in the typical JEDEC QFN sizes from 4x4mm up to 20x20mm outlines. The leadframes can be easily customized to suit different interconnection configurations, component sizes or heat sink sizes.

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