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Interplex NAS Introduces New Solder and Flux Bearing Lead Component

Mon, 08/16/2010 - 11:12am
Solder and Flux Bearing Lead ComponentInterplex NAS announced today that it has introduced a new addition to its revolutionary line of solder and flux-bearing lead products. The new surface mount pin, a short-current path lead, offers customers a number of unique advantages in the circuit assembly process.

The lead (Product Code 34AC) possesses a pitch of 2.54 mm with a low-profile design for surface mount applications in restricted places. Its short current path is ideal for high-frequency electronic applications. Manufactured from a nickel-iron alloy and post-plated with a 60/40 tin/lead bright finish over nickel, the component can be configured for dual inline and quad packages.

Interplex NAS’s patented solder and flux bearing leads are the world’s most reliable solution for assembling hybrid and PCB circuits. Interplex NAS leads contain a flux-cored solder preform that creates consistent high-quality solder joints, quickly and economically. They permit a unique one-step assembly and reflow operation that consistently produces 100% solderability, thereby eliminating the need for costly inspection and rework. Customers report that Interplex NAS solder and flux leads allow them to significantly reduce circuit assembly processing costs while improving product reliability.

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