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Hermetic L Circuit Solder-in EMI Filters Tout Improved Insertion Loss

Fri, 08/27/2010 - 7:40am
Hermetic L circuit solder-in EMI filtersSpectrum Advanced Specialty Products announced the release of an L circuit EMI filter designed to provide both inductance and series resistance for desirable transient performance. This feed-through solder-in filter’s miniature case size, .156" OD x .128" ID with body length of .200", for a total overall length of .715", is appropriate for microwave and RF applications where space is an issue but that still require high performance EMI filtering with low insertion loss. The new RoHS compliant, hermetically sealed L circuit filter provides filtering from 10 kHz to over 10 GHz, with capacitance values from 10 pF to 0.033 µF and a 10 A current rating. Voltage ratings range from 50 VDC to 200 VDC, with high reliability versions also available. The filter’s rugged monolithic capacitor construction with a glass seal on one end provides extra protection from harsh environments, and is also gold plated for gold bonding.

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