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Amplifiers include fixed sensitivities between 0.5 and 50 mV-pC

Thu, 07/15/2010 - 6:49am
4705M seriesDytran Instruments has recently expanded their line of miniature in-line charge amplifiers. The 4705M series represents a family of four charge amplifiers, with fixed sensitivities between 0.5 and 50 mV/pC. They feature 10-32 input jacks and BNC output jacks.

The 4705M series are in-line and housed in a miniature, stainless steel package. They were designed with similar characteristics to the 4705A series, except there is no filtering in these charge amplifiers. Also, the 4705M have a 0.5 second discharge time constant which improves the low end frequency response. The 4705A features a BNC input connector, compared to the 10-32 input connector of the 4705M.

In-line charge amplifiers are designed to be used in a Hybrid System, which combines charge mode accelerometers, miniature in-line fixed sensitivity charge amplifiers, and an IEPE power unit. They are ideal for field use because of their small size and rugged construction. Charge mode sensors require charge amplifiers, such as the 4705M and 4705A, to convert their output signals to useful voltage levels. The charge amplifier is placed between the charge mode sensor and IEPE power unit, and is connected to each via a coaxial cable assembly.

The Dytran 4705M series in-line charge amplifiers are a convenient solution to the use of charge mode piezoelectric transducers.

To learn more about the 4705M series, please contact them at Priced at $245.



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