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ScopeCorder Touts High-speed Sampling, Real-time Recording

Fri, 06/04/2010 - 3:03pm


oscilloscope DAQ recorderYokogawa DL850 combines the features of a high-speed oscilloscope and those of a traditional data acquisition recorder in a single, portable instrument. A dedicated version for the automotive industry – the DL850V Vehicle Edition – includes a module for monitoring the CAN in-vehicle serial bus. Features include the ability to carry out real-time recording, a powerful user interface, and a comprehensive range of PC interfacing capabilities for wider functionality and ease of use. With acquisition speeds up to 100 MS/s, it achieves ten times the sample rate, display, and memory handling speeds as its predecessor. Its isoPRO 1 kV isolated input module, when combined with the 100 MS/s acquisition speed and the 12-bit resolution, makes the DL850 suited to measurements on high-speed switching inverters. The DL850 ScopeCorder can accommodate up to 128 channels of assorted types including isolated, simultaneously sampled modules. For users who do not need require the highest sample rates, a new 16-channel multiplexed module or a choice of three universal voltage input modules allow speed to be traded off against higher voltage resolution, better accuracy and wider input ranges. Users can arbitrarily combine fifteen unique module types, supporting direct inputs from popular sensors like thermocouples, accelerometers, strain gauges, tachometers, and more. For electrical measurements, an RMS coupled mode makes it possible to monitor and trigger off changes in RMS levels

Yokogawa Corporation of America

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