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Infinite Graphics Announces Unique Phototool Solution

Wed, 06/30/2010 - 9:50am


Phototool SolutionGraphics Incorporated (IGI), announced the new IGI Phototooling Toolbox. Its unique approach and rich feature set make it ideally suited for niche applications with specialized requirements not addressed by traditional mainstream products. “Users often try to extend PCB and IC tools to help solve the specific problems inherent to their application,” said Dave Roesler, V.P. of Operations at IGI. “These tools partially meet their needs, but leave the user frustrated due to limitations. The Phototooling Toolbox is focused on applications that are not being addressed by these mainstream software products.”

The Phototooling Toolbox enables users to graphically define and view a phototool as if they were holding it in their hands. Without this capability, photomask vendors must generate the mask data and send approval plots based on interpretation of customer data files and order forms to ensure their understanding is correct. Inconsistent use of industry terms such as right reading, wrong reading, dark field, clear field, and so on, often cause errors in interpretation and ultimately cause the delivery of the wrong mask. However, with polarity and parity defined graphically in the Phototooling Toolbox, any confusion is completely eliminated. This WYSIWYG viewer provides confidence that customers will get what they ordered.

The Phototooling Toolbox bridges the gap between hierarchical and flat data formats with the ability to intermix them, along with supporting concepts found in both types of editors. Numerous file formats such as AutoCAD DXF and DWG, GDSII, and ODB++ are read directly into the system, and the robust input/output translators produce an accurate interpretation of the data.

“The combination of the WYSIWYG phototool viewer and the comprehensive ordering system ensure faster turnaround from the photomask vendor because questions are eliminated,” said Roesler, “and, in the case of Infinite Graphics’ service bureau, integration with our routing and manufacturing systems is seamless.”

For more information about the Phototooling Toolbox and the full line of IGI solutions, go to or call 612-721-6283.



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