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Custom Thermistor Probe Assemblies Feature Turn-Key Readiness

Sat, 06/05/2010 - 9:55am
Selco Products' CP Series and CS Series Thermistor Probe Assemblies can be customized to meet unique demands for specialized application requirements. These negative (NTC) temperature coefficient thermistors can be modified from the company's standard product line or completely custom designed. With virtually unlimited options in materials, configurations, connections, lead types and lengths, these packaging options are said to provide labor savings and convenience for OEMs. Examples of customization include adhesive backing for mounting to temperature sensitive PCB components, corrosion resistant or high pressure rated probe housings, moisture resistant assemblies, plastic over-molded assemblies, and high temperature (+220°C) rated probes assemblies. The CP Series Thermistor Probes are available in precision interchangeable accuracies from ±0.10ºC, ±0.20ºC, ±0.25ºC, ±0.50ºC, ±1.00ºC or point matched tolerances from ±1% through ±10%. Base resistance values at 25ºC can be specified from 300 Ohms to 1MOhms. The CS Series epoxy encapsulated thermistor probes feature precision interchangeable accuracies from ±0.10ºC, ±0.20º C, ±0.25ºC, ±.50°C, and ±1.00ºC. Point matched tolerances are also available from ±1 percent through ±10 percent. The probes may be intermittently cycled at temperatures from -50ºC to 150ºC. Selco’s custom NTC Thermistors and Probes are well suited for a wide range of applications including commercial and home appliances, food processing equipment, HVAC, instrumentation and control, pool and spa control, building automation and environmental controls, medical, military, life sciences, automotive, and other thermal management controls.

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