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Calibrated Tactical-grade Gyro Sensors Offer Stability

Sat, 06/05/2010 - 6:26am


tactical gyro sensorsAnalog Devices added two integrated and precise MEMS inertial sensors to its product line of iSensor motion sensor products. They combine tactical grade (<10 deg per hour) gyroscope performance with the company’s iSensor integration and factory calibration. The ADIS16135 precision angular rate gyro and the ADIS16385 iSensor six-degrees-of-freedom internal measurement unit (IMU) are both based on ADI’s iMEMS inertial sensor technology cores and offer an unmatched 6 degrees per hour bias stability, and angular random walk of 0.75 deg/?hr. Extensive factory calibration results in an sensitivity of 16 ppm/deg C and bias stability to within 0.003 deg per second over -40 to 85 deg C. The sensors are dynamically compensated and provide a simple user interface and control via a standard SPI (serial peripheral interface) and register interface. The ADIS16135 gyro and ADIS16385 IMU are designed for a broad range of industrial and instrumentation applications including: camera stability; antenna alignment; down-hole drilling; and GPS navigation in ships, aircraft, fleet vehicles, agricultural machinery and factory robotics.

Analog Devices, Inc.

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