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Virtual Machine Software Supports Concurrent Multi-processor Garbage Collection

Thu, 05/06/2010 - 7:18am


virtual machine softwareAtego released the Aonix PERC Ultra SMP 5.4 with support for concurrent multi-processor garbage collection (GC) technology. Aonix PERC Ultra SMP addresses the need for multiprocessor and multicore solutions in complex mission-critical embedded and real-time Java applications. This tool adds support to empower large mission-critical systems to more fully utilize multiple processors at peak performance. Compared to parallel GC, concurrent GC allows collection of unused objects by multiple processors while Java application threads continue to operate concurrently. PERC Ultra’s GC dynamically allocates available processors/cores to perform garbage collection tasks without disrupting active Java threads on other cores. This enhances the ability of the GC to pace the garbage collection rate to the application’s memory allocation rate. With the release of Aonix PERC Ultra SMP 5.4 new SMP-capable RTOS platforms and target processors are supported. In addition to previously supported Linux development systems targeting Red Hat Linux, Red Hawk Linux, and Wind River Linux on x86 targets, new support for Linux and Windows systems targeting QNX Neutrino on x86, and Wind River VxWorks on x86 are available.


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