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Thermoharvester Provides Infinite Life for Industrial Sensor Apps

Tue, 05/04/2010 - 11:15am
thermoharvesterMicropelt launched a commercial energy harvester for wireless applications. The TE-Power PROBE can is suited for use with modern WirelessHART, ISA100 and similar transmitters, according to the company. Mounting the device to a hot side of 20°C above ambient is believed to result in a milliwatt net output, equal to about 3 AA cells per year. According to the company, between 25°C and 90°C 10 mW net are generated, equivalent to as much as 30 AA cells worth of energy as an annual budget for a 3 V application. The TE-Power PROBE collects thermal energy at the most optimal hot spot in proximity to its instrument to be powered. Thus the thermoelectrically harvested power is maximized in favor of more energy and better flexibility for the connected application. The Thermoharvester with its cylindrical 2" (52 mm) diameter by 4.2" (80 mm) long aluminum body connects to the heat source via a threaded copper thermal input pin. The TE-Power PROBE is offered with different levels of power conditioning, including Thermogenerator DC output, externally configurable 1.6 V to 5 V, and fully regulated discrete voltages including 2.4 V, 3.6 V and 4.5 V.

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