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Connector Touts Single-pole, Vibration-resistant Spring Contact and Enables Solderless Termination

Thu, 05/27/2010 - 9:02am
PCB connectorRIA Connect announced its ASM01 PCB connector. Its spring contact is a single pole, vibration resistant SMD which allows for a solderless termination. The construction allows the connection of pinned components and individual solid wires. Version "Y" accommodates 18 - 16 AWG, while version "W" handles the thinner gauges of 26 - 18 AWG. Stranded wires with ferrules can also be used. The ASM01 allows leaded components to effectively become SMT compatible; therefore eliminating the need to wave solder them. The 3.5mm2 ASM01 can withstand soldering temperatures of 290Celsius for 90 seconds, integrating into most any reflow solder process with ease. Furthermore, the component can be soldered either on the component or the soldering side for added flexibility.

RIA Connect

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