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Thermally Conductive PCB Substrate Addresses LED Module Apps

Wed, 04/21/2010 - 1:55pm
thermally conductive PCB substrateLaird Technologies announced the release of its enhanced Tlam SS LLD for use as a thermally conductive printed circuit board (PCB) substrate. The Tlam SS LLD is designed for heat dissipation in bright and ultra-bright LED module applications. It provides eight to 10 times the heat dissipation as compared to conventional FR4-based PCBs, according to the company. A copper circuit layer and aluminum or copper base plate are bonded together with an LLD dielectric, which is essential to the performance of the PCB substrate. The dielectric can fit, and is processed through, standard FR4 print-and-etch operations without various parameter modifications. These dielectrics provide electrical isolation, thermal transfer, and an adhesion layer for the substrate.

Laird Technologies

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