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High-Speed Digitizer Provides 350 MHz of Input Analog Bandwidth

Tue, 04/20/2010 - 5:31am
CS1250XDynamicSignals LLC is proud to announce the GaGe CompuScope 12501 and 12502 – the world’s highest fidelity high-speed digitizer. Please find the attached data sheet, which is in our new comprehensive format.

The CompuScope 12501 and 12502 are one and two channel, 12-bit, 500 MS/s digitizers with 350 MHz of input analog bandwidth. Aside from their differing channel counts and power consumptions, the CS12501 and CS12502 are identical and so are described together as the “CS1250X”.

The most impressive specification of the CS1250X is its ultra-high ENOB at high signal frequency. At our standard 10 MHz signal frequency, the CS1250X provides an ENOB of just over 10, which is on par with industry leaders for a 12-bit digitizer. The remarkable strength of the CS1250X, however, is that this ENOB persists almost undiminished to signal frequencies of hundreds of MHz.

The attached data sheet shows that the ENOB provided by the CS1250X is over 9.5 at a 200 MHz signal frequency. This is a full 2 ENOBs higher than the performance of comparable competitive 12-bit digitizers under the same conditions.

Of course, the CS1250X data sheet specifies the correctly-calculated ENOB that is derived from the SINAD (the ratio of Signal-to-Noise And Distortion) and not from only the Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR). The correct measurement and importance of ENOB is described in the attached article, published in the journal Embedded Technology.

The high ENOB of the CS1250X is so important that it is highlighted right on the front page of the data sheet, which features both the CS1250X’s ENOB and frequency response, plotted as a function of signal frequency. Notable in the plot is the fact that, within the first Nyquist Zone from 0 to 250 MHz, the frequency response is flat within ± 0.5 dB and the ENOB is always above 9.5.

The CS1250X delivers its high ENOB at high frequency without sacrificing a traditional, flexible CompuScope signal conditioning front-end. Specifically, the CS1250X provides six separate input ranges, choice of AC/DC coupling, user-selectable 70 MHz low-pass filters and user DC offset control.

High fidelity front-end signal conditioning is a core competence of DynamicSignals engineering. The ingenious design of the CS1250X front-end incorporates the integration of leading-edge components from multiple manufacturers, as opposed to the simple adoption of the circuit design suggested by a single manufacture. Furthermore, the design features the low-noise conversion of input single-ended signals to carefully balanced on-board differential signals in addition to innovative clocking distribution and phase alignment. Finally, the design includes on-board AC and DC calibration reference sources that are used to perform a 7-parameter calibration of the front-end. Without this calibration, the CS1250X’s high ENOB performance would not be possible.

Up to eight CS1250X cards may be configured in a Master/Slave system for up to 16 simultaneous channels at 500 MS/s.

The CS1250X is completely compliant with Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) standards, which regulates the quantity of hazardous materials like lead, mercury and cadmium.

Unlike the CS12400, which acquires at 400 MS/s on one channel but at only 200 MS/s on two channels, the CS12502 acquires at 500 MS/s on either one channel or simultaneously on two channels. The CS1250X is recommended for all new requirements, instead of the CS12400.

The CS1250X may be optionally equipped with Auxiliary Input/Output connectors, whose standard functionality is listed in the data sheet. The functionality of these connectors may be modified for custom requirements, in the case of OEMs.

As with most other CompuScope models, the CS1250X may be optionally equipped with eXpert Signal Averaging. Custom firmware may be created for a modest price – particularly for potential OEMs.

The CompuScope 1250X makes GaGe digitizers the undisputed performance leaders in 12-bit digitization.

For Further Information contact:
Andrew Dawson
GaGe/KineticSystems Marketing
(514) 633-7007



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